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WOW by Junko

by Junko

The Message Photo Book that Junko expresses her inspirations with photos, words and illustrations.
Price(Book): US$ 48.95
Price(e-Book):US$ 14.99
Special Price(e-Book):US$ 9.99
Paperback: 220 pages
Language: English / Japanese
ISBN(Book): 978-1-945352-04-1
ISBN(E-Book): 978-1-945352-05-8
Dimensions: 6.50 x 6.50 x 0.571 in
Publication Date: 6/24/2020

What do people need in order to live? We need some daily food, rest, and relief. However, there is something that you cannot compensate with these. What is lacking may leave a great gap in your mind. Junko's words and illustrations fill the empty spaces in your heart and tell you where you can find the source of joy of living with active energy. The place is a place where you are not able to find even if you look for it. It is in the gap, in your heart.

This is a collection of scenic photos that Junko captures with her camera, and she also expresses her inspirations with words and illustrations.
All the pages are full of messages from her heart. Would you like to feel your heart healing by looking at the love of her words, illustrations, and photos?

Chapter 1: Awakening
Chapter 2: Observation
Chapter 3: Acceptance
Chapter 4: Moving Forward
About the Autor

This book is written in both English and Japanese.

Junko (pronounced June-Ko) is the creative director of her own brand, Wow By Junko.
She is from Hokkaido in northern Japan. Her parents named her Junko because she was born in June. Her name's Chinese characters  純子 mean “pure child.” She's living freely just like her name.